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The Wanama offering is customised to each client’s unique operating environment

Wanama is a professional procurement services company focusing in the hospitality, catering and airline industries.

The Wanama bespoke offering is customised to each client’s unique operating environment.

From a comprehensive deployment for multinationals (of the entire procurement cycle from requisition to payment inclusive of stock and recipes) to a light deployment - scaleable upwards - for small independent hotels (limited to electronic orders at best possible prices).

Over the last 10 years Wanama has understood the pricing policies and service levels of most of the international, national and regional vendors countrywide, integrating this for the benefit  of our clients.

"The proof is in the pudding" - We will evaluate your historical procurement transaction information and determine your possible savings before you need sign any agreement.

The management team have combined experience spanning more than 70 years.

Wanama has over R700m of food and beverage related spend under our direct management across sub Saharan Africa.

We offer a best in class service backed by intuitive technology that has harnessed a keen understanding of the procurement space.

We ensure sustainable business continuity as our clients procurement staff come and go.

Our knowledge and comprehensive understanding of market conditions, suppliers and pricing is our single biggest asset.

We continually track and measure the input and output prices of items we procure.

By stimulating competition between suppliers, Wanama maintains market and price integrity, sustaining value.

Through spend analysis, Wanama convert data into master information, thereby enabling accurate measurement and management of all procurement information.

Let us focus on your procurement, while you run your business.

Let us make your procurement processes efficient and your procurement administration seamless.

The establishment and maintenance of catalogues & contract pricing is our game.

Supplier performance and risk management is integrated within our framework.

We own our home grown procurement technology. This makes us flexible and nimble.

Our web based technology platform allows for flexible hosted options. There are no specific end user hardware requirements.

We package our procurement services (saving you money by actively negotiating better prices), which is packaged
with our unique custom developed procurement software (made available in the cloud).

As we are retained by our clients, we have no vendor alignment or preferences.

We treat all vendors equally - irrespective of their size or footprint.

We respect and maintain each of our clients individuality.

PBR is a web based rostering system that reduces flexible payroll costs through efficient forecasting of staff.

PBR provides a unique rostering solution that combines productivity ratios with staffing requirements & types, maximising on efficiency.

PBR’s Intelligent reporting measures actual staffing employed against pre-set benchmarks.

PBR is an efficient reconciliation tool between clocking records and service provider invoices.

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